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Allow us to explain our program and how your company can benefit through it. As an agency, we've been in existence for 5 years and in those 5 years, we've been trying to find our exact target market and most importantly our purpose . We have come to the conclusion through extensive trial and error that our target market is the entrepreneur and our sole purpose is to help the entrepreneur reach their full potential through our skills and mindset.

So we created a program the program is called The SCA PARTNERSHIP Program The point of the program is to make things easier for the entrepreneur by providing them with all the necessary tools they need that will help them generate more brand awareness, build brand image quality and potentially generate leads for their products. We want to provide this to all entrepreneurs who are interested in this program at a very cost-effective price range and a manageable payment plan.

Depending on your business, the idea behind it and its potential to change the world. We are willing to work with the entrepreneur and provide our services on a monthly retainer agreement which will have the entrepreneur paying what they can afford or up to 50% or 70% of our normal costing for any particular service we offer.


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